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The project is to build a custom app in the HubSpot Marketplace environment which will help in generating a written response for a contact with the help of AI ChatGpt 4. This app will help the users to generate responses as per the path defined in a workflow which will be used for a contact saved in the CRM. The app will be using workflow to generate the responses based on triggers while creating a workflow for AI to generate a personal response by a defined set of instructions & once the response is generated need to make an association so the response can be mapped & logged within the Notes section of the activity timeline.

Development Details:

The development of the custom app HubSpot Co- Pilot required development of UI for the app on the frappe frame along with Oauth for calling out HubSpot API.

Functional Requirements:

The functional requirement was to create a custom public app which will generate a written response for the communication with the contact. As app needs to sync the response with the trigger points set in the workflow & should be able to create the response as per the instructions given to AI & mapping under the relevant contact activity section. Mapping of contact properties defined by HubSpot so while giving the instructions to AI it should pick all the contact information that is required for generating a personalized response.

Technical Requirements:

The custom application development required the HubSpot workflow action API which will sync with the open AI to generate the response via workflow. Open AI latest version Chat GPT 4 API to sync with HubSpot for capturing & generating responses via workflow in the HubSpot CRM.

HubSPot contact properties mapping with Open AI for using them as contact token which will work as instructions to open AI.


The custom app HubSpot Co-Pilot will help the users of the HubSpot CRM to create dynamic & personalized written responses with Open AI. It will be helping in generating the accurate response as per the instructions given for creating responses & mapping within the HubSpot notes section. This app will help to reduce the manual work for a user in creating the responses for a contact coming in CRM with different sources. It will also reduce the contacts going 

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HubSpot Co Pilot App

Contact Created in CRM


Workflow created in HuBSpot



Workflow Trigger Criteria met

Contact activity section 

Notes the AI generated response captured

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Workflow instructions in Open AI entered for generating the response with correct contact properties to generate a personalized response & map it in the Notes section of a contact

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