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The project is to create an app that helps users to sync & map the HubSpot Properties, workflows and forms into a HubSpot account. The vision is to save time for us and our clients.

This app will help to create and add properties, forms. The app was launched in the HubSpot marketplace for public use.

Integration Details:

With Nexus Installer, you can easily install and configure all the necessary HubSpot properties for your Nexus themes. The app streamlines the setup process, making it a breeze to get started with your Nexus themes in just a few clicks.

Functional Requirements:

Nexus Installer is designed to help you get started with your new Nexus theme as quickly as possible. With our app, you can install and configure all the necessary HubSpot properties in just a few clicks, so you can start using your new theme right away.

Technical Requirements:

In order to make this custom development for the HubSpot application it required 

  • Python Library and their scope to create Properties

  • HubSpot API's to create Properties using POST method

  • Creating a Public App and using OAuth for authenticating the Frappe App used to fire the API's of HubSpot Repo creation and Application Hosting

  • HubSpot OAuth authentication


The custom app provides a user to reduce the manual efforts for having fields setup in the HubSpot creating a bulk of properties in the application for company, contact & marketing.

The app will let users to build multiple properties in one go & upload them within the CRM related to all objects.



Nexus Installer

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Properties Updated

Properties Created


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Written By:

Ishan Saxena  

Hubspot Vertical Head

    last updated 4 months ago