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The project is to create a customs API for integrating the website functionality into the HubSpot CRM. As client offered a subscription based services as an organisation which all the users journey needs to get synced for marketing & sales activities. As clients have a service based business require correct mapping for users so they can maintain their revenue & also analyse the potential customer base for the expansion of their business.

Integration Details:

The integration of the custom API includes API for lead management, deal pipeline management & customer pipeline management. API were triggered based on the user journey when visiting a website & performing certain activities.

Functional Requirements:

The HubSpot API were created & documented using Postman Api collection, which includes bearer token which will sync with client SAAS product wherein a users hits relevant action in website such as sign up of form , registration for services , these activities will be able to create a contact in the HubSpot CRM by which through API call a deal will be created among the journey of deal through workflow followup emails & tasks will be assigned to the team.

For every stage as per customer journey the API is called in HubSPot to sync & map the HubSpot fields.

Technical Requirements:

In order to map the fields of HubSpot internal values need to be created in the POSTMAN document. Associations of HubSpot fields while creating API. Bearer token of HubSpot to create



The custom API integration with the website helps to track & automate the users journey when they visit the website & perform certain actions. The actions creates certain entries in HubSpot CRM based on the users actions once the entries get created it allows to automate & use HubSpot workflow to trigger up the email notifications for the users availing the services.

Written By:

Ishan Saxena  

Hubspot Vertical Head

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