Release Notes

Version 1.1
  • Improved face recognition algorithms (AWS Rekognition) for faster and more accurate attendance marking.

  • Streamlined user interface for a more intuitive approval process.

  • Calendar view in the History section for easier navigation and analysis of attendance records.

Bug Fixes
  • Resolved issues related to geolocation inaccuracies during check-in/check-out.

  • Fixed minor bugs affecting the display and functionality of approval notifications.

Version 1.00

The first version of Notibell

  • Attendance

    • Introducing face registration for marking attendance.

    • Seamless check-in and check-out via face recognition and geolocation.

  • Approvals

    • Receive ERP workflow requests directly on your mobile device.

    • Quick approval or rejection of various requests (Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Leave Applications, etc.) through the mobile app.

  • History

    • View your monthly attendance history through a convenient calendar display with recent actions over the workflow requests.

    last updated 3 months ago