Manage Approvals at your fingertips.

NotiBell offers a transformative solution, revolutionizing your approval processes and empowering your business. Say Goodbye to missed transactions, delayed approvals, and overlooked quality requests.

With NotiBell, you can easily control your business approvals and related activities, ensuring you never miss an approval again. Seamlessly manage approvals, streamline check-ins, and enable informed decision-making with our advanced features.


  • Push Notification for entries waiting for an Action defined in WorkFlow of Frappe.
  • List of Entries that needs an Action to be performed by the logged in user.
  • Discard function, so user can avoid an entry from the list, and opt to not view the entry.
  • History of entries that were approved / rejected or some other action performed through the Mobile App.

Steps and Images

1: Login Screen

2: Home Screen

3: Approval List

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