HubSpot - JobAdder Integration

Integration Flow Example



This project is to create an environment to integrate  HubSpot and JobAdder, to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and improve data accuracy. Specifically, the integration will allow HubSpot to use automation to schedule repeated tasks inside JobAdder and enable reporting functionality to happen inside HubSpot. The integration will also allow  creating tasks in JobAdder with dates, task status, and other information based on activities, which can be tracked and reported on in HubSpot.

Integration Details:

The integration required a custom API to be created for JobAdder in order to sync the tasks between both SAAS products HubSpot& JobAdder.Created private App in HubSpot to gain access to API. Custom code with OAuth 2.0 authorisation code flow will be used to issue API access tokens on behalf of users.

Functional Requirements:

The functional requirement is to create tasks sync for a contact to do a follow up in HubSpot & JobAdder. The integration must consist of data consistency and accuracy, mapping  fields where necessary to ensure the data is stored in the correct format. The custom mapping of fields while creating a task was important to call out the API for both platforms. The tasks created in both platforms required mapping of contact , contact owner , task assignee & Association of contacts in both systems.

Technical Requirements:

The integration requires a background service (syncer) that will perform the operation for creating tasks between JobAdder & HubSpot. Developers account is required for both platforms for API credentials. Custom Code written on Python tech stack to call out the API’s of both platforms to create a sync for creating tasks.




Task (Engagement) (Change)


Task Created

Task Created


Create Task (Change)

Task Created

Contact Owner
Assignee of tasks

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Task Created

Contact Owner
Assignee of tasks


Contact → Engagement

User → Engagement 

Activity = Phone Call or Client Visit → Set a record in HubSpot (Date - Task) 


This integration enables HubSpot and JobAdder to work together seamlessly, improving efficiency and accuracy in the recruitment process. The integration is reliable and easy to maintain. We will provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the integration is successful and valuable to our client. Creating tasks in JobAdder and tracking task completion in HubSpot will provide an ultimate analysis in forms of reports for users & teams which will boost up the the selection process for the recruitment of candidates.

Written By:

Ishan Saxena  

Hubspot Vertical Head

    last updated 4 months ago