Installation Guide

Project Requirements and Dependencies

The very first requirement to run this mobile app is, that you should set up the active & working Frappe ERPNext instance. To set up the ERPNext you can visit here.

Frappe Installation

1. Containerized Installation

You can use Docker to deploy the ERPNext for the production channel. For more info click here.

2. Manual Installation

Frappe ERPNext supports an easy installation process i.e. through script, and it will install all the dependencies for you. For more info click here

NotiBell is a Custom App build over Frappe. Following are the supported Frappe versions.

Supports Frappe Versions






Pre-Requsites at Frappe end

  • Workflow ONLY

How to Install and Setup

bench get-app --branch main
bench --site <site_name> install-app notibell

Pre-Requisites at Flutter end

  1. Android Studio or Visual Studio Code

  2. Flutter SDK installation

  3. Android SDK

  4. XCode (if working on MacOS for iOS)

  5. Apple SDK (if working on MacOS for iOS)

  6. Virtual or physical Android or iOS Device for testing

How to Setup and Run the Mobile App

Follow the following steps to set up and run the mobile app -

  1. First, clone the project from the Development branch.

  2. Open the project in Android Studio or in Visual Studio Code.

  3. Open the terminal and run the command - flutter pub get. This command will remove all the errors that you are getting in the project.

  4. Select the target device from the device explorer menu.

  5. Run the project by pressing Function + F5 or execute the command - flutter run from the terminal.

For support, please visit or click here.

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