Installation Guide

Frappe Cloud is a managed hosting solution designed specifically for sites using the Frappe Framework.

It assists you in eliminating labor-intensive tasks like installing dependencies, configuring servers, handling security updates, etc. Frappe Cloud does all the work, freeing you up to concentrate on building and running websites while saving your company a ton of time.

With Frappe Cloud, one can focus more on building their applications rather than worrying about infrastructure management.

Over Frappe Cloud

Simply signup with Frappe Cloud for a free trial and create a new site. Select Frappe Version-14 and select ERPNext and Get POS from Apps to Install. You can get started in a few minutes with a new site and a fresh install to try out the simple and cool features of the App.


  • Check out the website for Frappe Cloud: Navigate to the Frappe Cloud page. Usually, using your  search engine, type "Frappe Cloud" into the search bar to find it.

  • Go to the "Sign-Up" page. If the website has a "Sign Up" or "Get Started" button, look for it on the homepage or menu. In order to access the sign-up page, click on it.

  • Complete the Registration Form: You'll probably be required to enter some basic information on the sign-up page, like your name, email address, and preferred account credentials (password and username). Provide accurate information when completing the form.

  • Select a Plan: Frappe Cloud may provide a range of subscription packages with distinct features and costs. Select the package that best meets your requirements. While some programs would need money up front, others might provide a free trial period.

  • Verify Your Email: Following completion of the sign-up form, you might be required to confirm your email address. Look for a verification email from Frappe Cloud in your inbox, then click the link to validate your email address.

  • Complete the Registration Process: After your email address has been validated, you might need to agree to the terms of service or provide further information to finish the registration process. To complete the setup of your account, adhere to the instructions.

  • Access Your Frappe Cloud Account: Using the login information you gave when creating your account, you ought to be able to access your Frappe Cloud account after it is configured. Additional details on how to proceed may be included in a confirmation email that you receive.

If you encounter any difficulties during the sign-up process, you can reach out to NestorBird's support team for assistance. They should be able to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

For support, please visit or click here.

Once you have setup your Frappe Account you can proceed further to create your site & benches where you can download Get POS easily


Simplest manual to create a new site on Frappe Cloud

  1. Select New Site from the Sites tab on the dashboard.

  2. For your website, use a distinctive hostname. A subdomain might have five to thirty-two characters, lowercase letters, digits, and hyphens. Subdomains are not allowed to begin or terminate in hyphens

  3. Choose the major version of your site from the dropdown menu. As of right now, Frappe offers Version 12, Version 13, and Nightly (bleeding edge) versions.

  4. Select which apps to add to your site. By default, the Frappe app will always be installed on your site. Once your site is created, you can add more apps.

  5. If you want to migrate an existing site, Restore an existing site by uploading backup files or by using a bench from your local setup or from your cloud provider.

  6.  Choose an appropriate plan for your site. Depending on how much work you have, choose a package that works for your site.

  7. Depending on the apps you have selected and the quantity of your backup files, creating a website may take a few seconds.

  8. To visit your site, click Visit Site at the top of the page.

 Once the site has been created, a message will appear. Click login to finish the setup wizard. You have to sign in and finish your site's setup procedure. Analytics won't be gathered until the setup is finished.


1- From your Frappe Cloud dashboard, select Bench and Click on the +CREATE  button.

2- Then choose a name for your bench ,Select region you want to deploy your bench , select the version of Frappe, and the apps you want to install

3- Next, press the "Create Bench" button. You will be taken to the bench dashboard page once the bench has been established. The bench needs to be deployed manually; to do so, select the Show Updates option located within the alert box and click on Deploy.

4- On the Deploy page, you can see the status of the deployment. After it's deployed, you'll have a brand-new, functional private bench.

The next stages usually involve customizing and setting up ERPNext and Get POS to make them functional after downloading and installing them on your Frappe Cloud instance. Here's a broad overview of what you should do next:

  • Access ERPNext and Get POS-Sign into your Frappe Cloud account and go to the URLs where the software is installed. Your web browser should be able to provide you with access to them.

  • Initial Setup-Upon first accessing ERPNext and Get POS, you can be required to complete preliminary configuration tasks, like establishing the system parameters, creating the chart of accounts, and defining the fundamental company data.

  • Set Up Company- You must enter your firm's information in ERPNext, including the name of the company, its address, its currency, its fiscal year, and other pertinent details. This is crucial for setting up the system's financial and accounting components.

  • Configure Users and Permissions- Within ERPNext and Get POS, specify user roles and permissions. Establish which modules and features users will have access to within the apps, then set up user accounts appropriately.

  • Setting URL- Open ERPNext's nbpos settings, select your base URL, and launch the transactions in the manner of your choice. 

  • Theme Settings- By changing the theme settings, you can personalize the look and feel of your instance. Generally, the Theme Settings section has customization choices for the theme's colors, fonts, layout, and branding components.

You can use the login credentials you've created for the users to access your POS account on an Android, iOS, or Windows device and carry on with the transactions.

2- Manual Installation (Self hosted)

Once you’ve set up a Frappe site, installing GETPOS is simple:

  • Download the app using the Bench (Command Line Interface)CLI. 

 bench get-app --branch [branch name] 

Replace[branch name] with the appropriate branch as per your setup:

Here are the details of  GETPOS Branch

Frappe Branch








If it isn't specified, the --branch option will default to deployment-development.

Ex:-    bench get-app

Install the app on your site.

bench --site [site name] install-app getpos.

Replace[site name] with the appropriate site as per your setup:


1. Android POS Agent App.

2. iOS POS Agent App.

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