HubSpot CRM: The Best Way To Business Success in 2023

Business services are perpetually praised and criticized because of customer expectations. Short-term goal businesses often face hindrances because they don’t fulfill the customer’s expectations. If we keep in mind that customer issues are our issues and intend to provide the best solutions, then ultimately we will fulfill the customer's expectations.

The same can be achieved by CRM or Customer relationship management tool, as CRM promotes good customer connections, organizes prospect and customer information, and many other benefits. Here, Hubspot CRM is one of the most leading & simplest CRM tools currently available in the market.

So why is HubSpot a commonly used CRM?

Firstly, the reason to choose HubSpot CRM is because it is free of cost, secure, user-friendly for beginners. Secondly, being a powerful collaborative tool which centralizes all sales, marketing, service processes at one place which makes it easy for teams to interact with customers and keep track of all activity.

Isn’t it hard to believe that HubSpot is entirely free? If you are new to business, then a free version of HubSpot is best for you. But if your business is to focus on enhancing marketing/ sales growth, there are free, starter, professional and enterprise hubs for each module like marketing, sales, services, operations and CMS.

  1. Firstly, you have to set up your HubSpot CRM account with a name and email address.

  2. After creating a free account in HubSpot, you can add contact or company records to your CRM database as they are the basics to start any operation (marketing,sales,services) with.

  3. Then you can send invitations to your teammates to join HubSpot CRM and provide access and permission to members according to their type of work they perform.

  4. Generate and nurture quality leads for your business with HubSpot's marketing tools. You can plan your marketing campaigns with the campaigns tool, then convert website visitors into leads with engaging website content, marketing emails, social posts.

  5. HubSpot sales tools allow sales reps to easily manage and complete their daily tasks, including sending emails to prospects, making calls, and booking meetings. You can also streamline and centralize your sales communications in the conversations inbox.

  6. HubSpot Service tool is a robust package for service team to provide seamless,fast customer support through ticket management pipeline and also collect customer feedbacks,and conduct surveys to get your performance.

All the features of hubSpot helps you To Spin your flywheel faster. It’s top features include pipeline management, automated activity logs, live chat and many more features that make it better than others.

  1. HubSpot is Linked with 75+ Integration Partners like Survey Monkey, WordPress, Zendesk, etc.

  2. Best SEO Adviser to rank top on search engines.

  3. With the help of APIs HubSpot CRM can easily integrate objects, data with other software applications systematically.

  4. Analyze and view data in efficient Reporting and Analytics tools.You can also forecast your sales revenue based on marketing trends, historical data, etc.

  5. Automation Tools and Workflows not only save time but also make the process smoother without any manual intervention.

If you want to maximize the benefits of HubSpot implementation and streamline your whole business process, speed up, and grow up in just a single platform, then contact Nestorbird at today!

Written By:

Madhu Sahani (CRM Functional Consultant)

Priyanshi Verma (Business Analyst)

    last updated 1 year ago