Features of Get POS System

  • Inventory Management

    You can track orders, deliveries, and sales in real time using Get POS. Maintaining ideal inventory levels, ordering and warehousing procedures, transit routes, and workflow activity management are all simple ways to keep tabs on your stock.

  • Order Management

    Orders may be placed online and pickup and delivery can be coordinated promptly with Custom POS System Development. The orders may now be linked to the customer's file, which has their contact information, name, and the description of the item they want to buy.

  • Employee Management

    You can manage your team more efficiently and make the most of their abilities with the help of the POS custom app. The employee module assists you in streamlining important procedures on a single platform, from payroll and leave administration to hiring and training.

  • Offline Syncing

    Retail companies that choose to use offline point-of-sale (POS) applications can synchronize data on the server and significant terminal with ease. Additionally, this program can assist in keeping an eye on the connection between the channel database and retail POS offline Sync Service.

  • Accounts and Payroll

    Get POS (Point-of-sale) mobile apps and web software, which are designed to record all invoices, transaction values, the quantity of products sold, and product descriptions, assist businesses in effectively managing sales, purchases, rents, consignments, repairs, and accounting tasks.

  • Reporting

    By automating reporting on the Get POS software interface, you can say goodbye to manually crunching figures. Daily stock and billing reports can be generated rapidly. Additionally, it will assist in determining profit and loss on a quarterly, half-yearly, and annual basis.

  • Supplier Management

    Retail firms can benefit from managing suppliers with POS Application Development Solutions since the onboarding process teaches them how to use the platform for optimum engagement while controlling costs, risks, and performance metrics.

  • Workflow Automation

    Business chains may simply automate their operations, including issuing invoices, loyalty programs, various promotions, discount schemes, determining the duration of offers, and managing active and inactive coupons, using the Best Mobile POS system and its custom development.

  • Multi-location Management

    Getting POS for your company makes it easier to handle several chains of your brand. It is designed with the ability to use cash flow in all retail locations, retrieve ending tills, and use gift cards for consumers with ease.

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