NestorBird assists companies in their business transformation efforts, which means experimenting with new technologies and reevaluating how they currently handle common problems. Since our founding in September 2017, we have assisted over 200 clients with the support of our partners and team, who assist us locally.

For the past six years, our annual growth has been 100%.


We are picking up businesses, understanding their end-to-end process and helping them in transformation - with the help of ready-to-use software (Open source/Licensed) in a way that it makes them ready for today's world. Our offerings include improved on-demand training, migrating data to cloud services, leveraging artificial intelligence, automation and more.


With a growth attitude, our team, NBIONS, is committed to creating an environment that encourages development and advancement. We welcome obstacles as chances to grow and learn, and we constantly seek to improve both ourselves and the job we do.

Why is that relevant?

Because we can accomplish more, learn more quickly, and get beyond hurdles when we adopt a growth mindset. According to research, those who have a growth mentality typically

  • Seek more feedback and use it to improve

  • Embrace challenges and see them as opportunities to grow

  • Persist in the face of difficulties and setbacks

  • Learn from their mistakes and failures

  • Collaborate more effectively with others

  • Feel more empowered and committed


We have observed throughout the years that there are several advantages to using off-the-shelf solutions for common issues. It benefits your clients in two ways: first, it speeds up their analysis of fitment; and second, it helps your business benchmark quality standards. When a product is developed and refined to the point where customers can download it from the shelf and use it without any problems, the team benefits greatly and has a better understanding of the product's purpose. You may increase your team's potential by adopting the same mentality.


Get POS is India's leading offline app featuring inbuilt functionalities to integrate with multiple ERP Software. Without the Internet, this app has many unique features, such as inventory management, order management, offline syncing, accounting, vendor management, HRM, selling, buying, and reports.

Noti Bell

Manage Approvals at Your Fingertips

Noti Bell offers a transformative solution, revolutionizing your approval processes and empowering your business. Say Goodbye to missed transactions, delayed approvals, and overlooked quality requests. 

Digital Sewa

Digital Sewa is a customer support center to bridge the gap between customers and businesses regarding accounts management, scheduling, technical support, complaints, queries about products or services, and buying and selling processes. 


A marketplace is a hyper-local e-commerce solution where people regularly gather to purchase and sell provisions, livestock, and other goods. 

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Ashish Tripathi

Founder & CEO


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